How does the Bye Bye HIV innovation eradicate HIV?

When an HIV enters the body, it penetrates into a white blood cell that is responsible for building immunity, known as CD4
(Th1+Th2+Th17+Treg + other Th cells + macrophages +monocytes + dendritic cells).

The HIV multiplies in the white blood cell until the white blood cell is destroyed, allowing the viruses to spread to other CD4 cells.

As a result, CD4 decreases while HIV continues to increase until the CD4 level drops to below 200 cells/cumm, not enough to fight other pathogens, leading to opportunistic diseases that cause death.

CD4 Th17 is the CD4 that is penetrated the most by HIV and thus is destroyed the most. The fall in Th17 causes a rapid drop in immunity.

Bye Bye HIV innovation stimulates the production of Th1 and Th17 white blood cells,

leading to a rapid increase in CD4 in infected individuals until they recover from AIDS.

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Th17 increases
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Th1 increases

Th1 and Th17 white blood cells work together to stimulate Killer T cells.



Killer T cell

Bye Bye HIV innovation stimulates Killer T cells which, in turn, eliminate HIV effectively, thus helping people with viral loads in the millions get their levels down quickly.

Killer T cell

How does a Killer T cell work?