Results of APCO’s program to increase CD4 to recover from AIDS

for 20 participants with CD4 of less than 200.

After HIV viruses enter the body, they work on destroying the CD4 white blood cells the most, causing the infected person to rapidly have a low CD4 level.

By not taking antiretroviral drugs or neglecting to take good care of one’s health, the CD level of the infected individual may drop rapidly, resulting in deteriorating health and possibly getting a complication known as AIDS.

APCO Immunotherapy, a research-based formula, created from 5 natural extracts, was officially recognized with a certification by the National Innovation Agency of Thailand as Thailand’s National Innovation in improving the lives of people with HIV and AIDS globally.  As seen in the examples shared here, 20 infected individuals who all had low CD4 counts, some so low as to be at risk of getting AIDS, after using APCO Immunotherapy, their CD4 rapidly returned to higher counts and they were no longer at risk of getting AIDS as confirmed by the lab reports of the tests they received shown below.